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There are thousands of automobile accidents each day in the state of Florida. Many who are involved in an automobile accident are overwhelmed with the paperwork that must be submitted to the insurance companies involved.  The legal process can be confusing and stressful. We are here to help!


Since 1987 Our Law Firm has been Fighting for Car Accident Victims Surrounding the Tampa Area

The Tampa car accident lawyer team at the Law Office of Dan Zohar, P.A. capitalize on years of expertise and experience to help clients receive the compensation for their suffering and injuries. As each case has a unique set of circumstances, top strategies are required to help each client achieve their goals. Our investigation focuses on fact-finding to help discover the proof to maximize your compensation or settlement, ending with you receiving the best outcome possible.

Helpful car accident procedure to follow

Evidence and proof that the other driver was at fault will serve to be extremely valuable to maximize the amount of money compensated. If you are in a car crash, it will be helpful to follow this car accident procedure:

At any point in our recommended procedures, you can Contact a Car Accident Attorney – our number is 800.963.3311

This is a priority and we can guide you as you’re at the scene of the accident or speaking to your doctor. The earlier in the process you call, the more we can do to get you to safety, the help you or anyone at the scene needs and collect the proper amount of information required for all that follows a car accident.

*Never, under any circumstances, should you speak to the other driver’s insurance company. If the other driver asks, simply respond with “I need to speak to someone first before I do” then call 800.963.3311 I will help. The insurance companies are trained to have you on record saying something that will accidentally have you accepting fault for the accident.

  1. Stop and Safety First for All Drivers and Passengers

After a car accident, safety should be your priority. Turn your car off to safeguard yourself against any fire or roll away concerns. Put your hazard lights or flashers on and call 911 for help. Feel free to help the other driver and passengers of the other vehicles involved too safety as long as no injuries are involved.

  1. Report the Accident to Police

In any car accident that has an injury, death or severe damage to the vehicles, the law requires you to notify the police. You should always stop your vehicle following a car accident, even if you’re at fault.

Your call with the police is valuable, the officers will have questions and the call will begin a record of all evidence at the scene. They will create an accident report and keep it on file, which can help us later as it can serve as your official account as to what led to the accident.

When the officers arrive, they might take pictures of the scene and they can be used as evidence in your case. An arrest or ticket for the other driver may occur. If the other driver was drunk, using drugs, or driving recklessly, their arrest and the outcome of their criminal case might help you in your case.

  1. Collect all the Info You Can

Gather as much information about the crash as you can. Anything can be helpful when you file insurance claims or take your case to court. Make sure to write down or otherwise record information about the following:

  • Date, Time, and Location of the accident
  • Names of everyone involved (drivers, passengers, pedestrians, etc.)
  • Other drivers’ license info and phone numbers, vehicle registration info, license plate numbers, and insurance info
  • Contact info for any witnesses
  • Lighting conditions (e.g., light, dark, closest lampposts)
  • Road conditions (icy, wet, potholes, covered in debris, etc.)
  • Damage to all cars involved (pictures/video, location, and extent of damage, were the cars drivable afterward, etc.)
  • Notate any and all injuries verbally communicated or visual
  • Name and badge number of the police
  • Info for EMS and/or fire personnel

You should always keep a notepad and pen in your car, just in case you need to record this information. You can also download a voice recording app on your phone to verbally record the scene.

If anyone was hurt or killed, the law also requires you share with them your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • License info
  • Registration info, and
  • Insurance info.

In an automobile accident, make sure you get this information from the other drivers. This information is vital to getting your injury claims handled correctly.

  1. Take Pictures Use Video

If it can be done safely take as many pictures as you can. Your camera/video phone is even a great tool for quickly recording info. Snap pictures of the other drivers’ license, license plate, registration, and insurance. You can even take pictures while recording with video. Try it now to make sure your phone has these capabilities.

If you are unfortunately injured in the accident. See if you can have someone take the pictures/video for you. Just make sure they can as much as they can with your phone or have a way, they can send you all they’ve recorded for you.

  1. See a Doctor

If you’re not taken by EMS to the hospital, and you were injured in the accident, it is important to get medical care. Don’t risk your health or hurt your case by not seeking medical care. You may feel okay but have less-obvious conditions that affect you the next day or into the future. It’s easier to make a case your injury was due to the accident if you seek medical care immediately. This will also provide medical records of injuries following the accident.

**Definitely Contact a Car Accident Attorney by this Point**

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company with Guidance from Your Attorney

Every driver is required to have insurance in Florida. A portion of that insurance is for your medical expenses. Talking to even your own insurance company can help or hinder the coverage you might need from the beginning. Make sure you have a Car Accident Attorney before any insurance calls.

  1. Get Organized

Your attorney will guide you the rest of the way. Getting organized with all records of photos, recordings, police reports, medical records, insurance claims etc. will each serve as a building block for your case.

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Do not rush to accept a car accident settlement from an auto insurance company. A settlement may seem like what you need, but does it cover all your entitlements? Does it cover rehabilitation cost from a severe injury? Insurance companies are interested in keeping profits. They’re not interested in paying you the compensation you deserve. Call us today about your case, we are here for you.